New to You – Recent Changes


Date Description
5/15/2017 Update to Women’s Coffee, Update to Men’s Coffee
5/5/2017 Update to Women’s Coffee
4/27/2017 Published Spring newsletter.
4/17/2017 Moved over maps and live webcam.
Added public contact info.
Created a spot for the library.
Added content to the shop.
3/20/2017 Updates to the Spring Fling & Fall Fete
3/17/2017 Credit cards now accepted for membership dues!
1/12/2017 AIS Video: Above and Below the Waterline.
1/3/2017 Added the board meeting schedule to the calendar here.
11/14/2016 New committee pages for Adopt-A-Highway, Advisory, and AIS. If you committee chairs and/or members would like logins so that you can help administer your particular committee pages, please let me (Geoff) know!
11/9/2016 Watershed Health Assessment Framework
11/8/2016 Update to Environment & Ecology page: Secchi Disc Readings
10/28/2016 Update to Women’s Coffee
10/5/2016 The whole site is in the progress of being migrated to a WordPress installation. Once all the useful old content has been moved over, our regular domain name will be repointed to the new site. There are two WordPress themes in use, one for viewing on a normal desktop/laptop screen, and another for small mobile devices.
9/13/2016 Update to Men’s Coffee
9/8/2016 Update to Women’s Coffee


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